Fedor Emelianenko Noncommittal On Retirement Amidst Bellator Tour

Fedor Emelianenko
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The ongoing Fedor Emelianenko retirement tour being put on by Bellator might not be the last we see of Emelianenko after all.

Emelianenko is currently slated to face off against Rampage Jackson this weekend in Japan to kick off the so-called retirement tour. Back in June, the Russian legend signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator with the intention of closing out his career. Speaking to MMA Junkie, however, it sounds like Emelianenko is noncommittal on retirement.

“That’s what we discussed, and that’s what we agreed on, but let’s see how I feel,” Emelianenko said. “Right now, the plan is just like Scott laid out. There’s going to be three fights, and it’s kind of a retirement tour, but when the tour is over, he said let’s see how I feel. We’ll go from there.”

Emelianenko competed for more than half of his career in Japan. He realizes this weekend might very well be the last time he ever fights in front of a Japanese crowd. It’s for that reason he plans on putting on a show for them this weekend.

“I think I’ve already shown the fans everything there is for me to show them,” Emelianenko said. “This will be more like a farewell fight. I would like to entertain them. I want them to be happy watching me fight, and I would like to come back to Japan as a guest.”

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