Farid Basharat claims unanimous decision victory over Da’Mon Blackshear in competitive 135lb clash – UFC 285 highlights

Farid Basharat

In the second fight of the night, highly touted bantamweight prospect Farid Basharat claimed victory in his UFC debut.

Farid Basharat, the younger brother of the surging Javid Basharat, took on Da’Mon Blackshear in an early preliminary bout on the massive UFC 285 PPV card.

The bantamweight bout was an entertaining scrap. Blackshear kept a relentless tempo, lunging into exchanges with front kicks and double jabs. However, Basharat avoided taking damage, and was able to fend off the majority of Blackshear’s takedowns. In fact, Basharat would take the fight to the ground himself multiple times, landing some impressive ground and pound.

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This was the narrative of the fight for the most part, with Blackshear keeping the tempo high, but ultimately losing out to Basharat’s superior skill. However, in the final round, Blackshear locked up a triangle and Basharat appeared to have no choice but to tap. Fortunately for ‘Ferocious’ Farid, the bell would go before Blackshear could finish the fight.

As a result, Basharat claimed a unanimous decision victory.

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