Fan opinion: Top ten knockouts in MMA.

10. Shogun Rua vs Rampage Jackson-The two men met at Pride in 2005 where Jackson’s rib was broken and the fight was finished by soccer kick to the head in round 1.

9.Brad Kohler vs Steve Judson-At UFC 22 we saw Kohler fake a take down shot and land with a huge right cross that saw Judson out cold before he hit the canvas.

8. Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping-After months of trash talking the two met at UFC 100 where we saw Dan Henderson land a devastating right hand and he then dropped a forearm to the rag dolled Bisping’s chin.

7. Cro Cop vs Aleksander Emelianenko-At the time the two met in Pride Aleksander was considered a fierce striker. Cro Cop was being chased and came back with a huge left hand followed by a trademark head kick sending Emelianenko out like a light before Cro Cop dropped some hammer fists for good measure.

6.Chuck Liddell vs Alistair Overeem-The two men met at Pride 2003 and it looked as though Chuck may have been matched in the striking until he landed a huge overhand right which wobbled Overeem backwards to the ropes where Chuck Liddell landed some heavy right and left hands before one clean punch put Overeem to sleep.

5. Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva-the two men met for the third time at UFC 92 and the hype wasn’t wasted. Jackson countered one of Silva’s hooks with a left hook of his own which put Silva to sleep before he hit the ground and Rampage landed three more strikes before the ref stepped in.

4. Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson-In the 2nd of their trilogy of fights the two men met in Pride 28. Wanderlei dominated the striking and following a big left hand that rocked Jackson he pulled his head down and put in brutal knees which broke Jackson’s nose and left him out cold in between the ropes.

3. Vitor Belfort vs Wanderlei Silva-At UFC Brazil the two men squared off in the cage. Wanderlei left himself open after an attack and Belfort took advantage, scoring what I counted as 17 clean punches before the ref stepped in to end the fight, with a dazed Silva left wondering what happened.

2. Yahir Reyes vs Estevan Payan-At Bellator VI we saw Yahir Reyes score a devastating spinning back fist knockout over Estevan Payan. Fans present say it sounded like a home run hit when the backfist hit Payan’s chin.

1. Rampage Jackson vs Ricardo Arona-The two men met at Pride 2004. Arona was struggling in the stand up and trying to get a submission. He attempted a triangle choke but Rampage locked his arm up, lifted Arona above his head and power slammed the Brazilian fighter to the mat. Arona was instantly knocked out and Jackson scored some ground and pound before the ref stepped in and ended the punishment.

Please don’t get mad if your favorite fighter isn’t included, it is based on my opinion.