Former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has asked to be released from the Ultimate Fighting Championship…yet again.

A couple of weeks back Werdum asked for his release from the promotion after United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) handed him a two-year suspension for failing his first drug test.

Werdum has maintained his innocence all along and has adopted the “tainted supplements” defense. While he is assumed innocent until proved otherwise, USADA didn’t seem too interested in hearing “Vai Cavalo” out. That’s why the former heavyweight champ wants out of his UFC contract.

“I have two more fights with UFC but I have this bullshit thing with USADA. The guys know, hey, I don’t have a problem with USADA, I have nothing in my life with doping, zero. I have 26 tests with USADA and I never have nothing,” he said on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show.

“The guys test me every time, and that one time its nothing, very little thing in my body. And USADA knows it’s a contamination, you know? But they say, ‘no,’ and they give me two years.”

Werdum holds the UFC in high regard and has gone out of his way to let it be known that his issue is solely with USADA. The 41-year-old feels he is far from done.

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“It’s a very hard situation because I don’t want to stop fighting yet. I am young, I am 41 but my mind feels 28. My body is okay. I love UFC, I work in UFC in TV, but the best decision for me is a release for sure,” he said. “I want a release to fight more, I just, I love this is, this is my life, I love fighting.”

Werdum is not without merit in his belies. After all, USADA doesn’t seem to have any set protocol that treats all fighters equal regardless of all other extenuating circumstances. That being said, the thing that really irks Werdum is the fact that someone other than himself is deciding when his career is over.

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“Why do I have to stop just because USADA said you stop and that’s it? It’s no good because the guys know it’s a contamination, it’s nothing. Why would I take something if I never take nothing in my life?”

“The guys test me one time it’s positive. They test me again two weeks later and there is nothing. I don’t understand it. How can you have something in your body and two weeks later no more?”

As for Werdum getting his wish and being let go, that doesn’t seem likely.

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However, Werdum does hope to meet with UFC President Dana White in the coming weeks to discuss this very thing.

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