Current interim featherweight champion and Irish superstar the “Notorious” Conor McGregor, and “The California Kid” Urijah Faber are currently coaching against each other on the 22nd season of the Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

Although they won’t be fighting at the end of the show, we all remember when the two got into a little bit of a scuffle before the UFC 189 weigh-ins where McGregor took on and defeated Faber’s teammate Chad “Money” Mendes.

However, it seems as if Faber isn’t the only member of Team Alpha Male that McGregor has gotten into it with behind the scenes. Recently speaking with Submission Radio, “The California Kid” stated that he and McGregor have a “funny” relationship, but it’s actually the “Notorious” one and current bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw who have gotten into it on numerous occasions.

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Faber explains one instance when the three were backstage at a UFC event in a private bar, and it turns out that McGregor and Dillashaw had to be separated to prevent a fight. “The California Kid” also said that that’s a super fight that he would love to see:

“It’s funny ’cause Conor and I have been around each other and have an interesting relationship, but him and TJ on two different occasions have gotten into it with things escalating to, you know, them kind of bad mouthing each other. So there’s a little tension there as well and I think that’s a good fight the fans would love to see. One time TJ and Conor and I in the back of the Ronda Rousey fight in LA, we were in just a private little bar with celebrities and the UFC brass and words were exchanged, and TJ was talking about Conor’s title shot and Conor went back and forth and they were getting on each other’s nerves, really. So I think they ended up having to be split up a little bit.”

Check out the full interview above.

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Who would you pick if the bantamweight king, and the interim featherweight champ were to actually square off?

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