Exclusive | Omran Chaaban previews upcoming CW 150 bout: “I don’t want to be good everywhere; you have to be great.”

Omran Chaaban

Omran Chaaban (4-1) is one of the many Cage Warriors prospects on the rise in MMA today. The Finland national began his professional career in Cage Warriors, fought a few fights under the UAE Warriors banner, and then returned to Cage Warriors where he has enjoyed success. Currently, Chaaban boasts a three-fight win streak, during which none of these needed the judges’ scorecards.

In anticipation for his upcoming fight at Cage Warriors 150, the hungry and motivated Chaaban took the time to speak with Alex Lerman of LowKick MMA and discussed his introduction to MMA, his fighting style, the upcoming bout with Mush Aslani, his future goals in the sport, and many more topics.

Origins of Omran Chaaban’s MMA Journey

Chaaban detailed that he hadn’t really started training in MMA until his later teenage years. Omran retold an interesting story from his younger days that paved the way for his introduction to Mixed Martial Arts:

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“I was walking home, and we know this group of friends and they were doing a house party… I was going by, and I saw three girls and there was one guy. I didn’t know the guy, but I just knew him by name, and I would see him doing silly stuff to the girl. She didn’t want to obviously, so I went there, and I was arguing with the guy. I got into a fight with the guy and basically, what happened was I beat the sh*t out of that guy…”

From this moment on, Chaaban knew he had the foundational skills for fighting and decided to begin training soon thereafter.

Omran Chaaban on his Fighting Style

As a prospect on the rise, more and more eyes should be focused on Chaaban as he moves up through the Cage Warriors ranks. For those who don’t know, Omran described his fighting style very simply and confidently:

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“I think I’m and MMA fighter like new generation because I want to do it all. I don’t just want to be a striker, I can punch you going forwards, going backwards, I can counterstrike, I can press you, I can take you down, I can submit you. My goal is to have an answer for everyone and every style and be that guy. I don’t want to be good everywhere, you know you have to be great.”

Chaaban on Upcoming Fight at CW 150

On March 17th at the Indigo at the O2 Arena in London, Omran will face Mush Aslani in the Co-main event. Chaaban gave a detailed analysis of his opponent and what he expects to see from him in the cage:

“I think we all know his style. First things first, he’s tiny. For a welterweight he’s pretty small, I’m a pretty huge welterweight I call myself the biggest welterweight on the planet. He likes to throw overhands, he likes to wrestle, and I’m fine with that… We all know his style, he doesn’t know how to do anything else, that’s it. [He’s] just gonna come do that overhand thing that every small guy does… He likes double legs and throwing overhands… and I think I beat him everywhere. Mashed Potato, he can try, that’s his nickname by the way.”

Tune in for Cage Warriors 150 from the Indigo at the O2 Arena in London on March 17th to see Omran Chaaban in action against his opponent “Mashed Potato” Mush Aslani. Omran looks to extend his win streak to four and continue climbing the ranks in pursuit of a future in the UFC.

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Watch the full interview with Omran Chaaban below!