EXCLUSIVE | Michael Bisping Rips ‘Waste Of Space’ Dillon Danis


Michael Bisping has let rip at Bellator prospect, Dillon Danis.

‘The Count’ is known for replying to trolls on social media, even while he’s commentating and that was the case this past weekend at UFC Vegas 25.

When Bisping told a fan who criticized him to cry about it, Danis was quick to quote retweet “The Count” and mention how he cried when he was called out by him.

Danis would delete the tweet soon after, but a fan sent a screenshot to Bisping which prompted this response:

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“Glad you caught it hahahaa. Man that’s funny. That little weasel attention whore is really threatening me in a street fight? Haha I don’t fight in the streets, certainly against little boys but I’m undefeated on the mean streets of clitheroe!”

In an interview with LowKickMMA the former UFC middleweight champion insisted he takes his commentary gig very seriously and is open to criticism if it is intelligent and constructive.

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“If someone has something intelligent to say intelligent, constructive criticism is always very welcome,” Bisping said. “The UFC producers, trust me, they’ve got a lot of it. They’ve got a lot of constructive criticism for me. But as I say, I take it all on board.”

Bisping later reflected on his interaction with Danis, he said.

“He’s a total knobhead. He just needs to shut up and disappear. What is he doing? I mean, the guy doesn’t even fight, he just comes out the woodwork. Like, Saturday night he made a threat, ‘when I see him in the street.’ I was like, ‘oh my god.’ Number one, I don’t fight in the street. And number two, you don’t fight generally. Simple as that, so pipe down. He’s just a waste of space, not even worth my time.”

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Who do you side with in this ongoing “beef” between Michael Bisping and Dillon Danis?

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