Evan Dunham Outlasts Rick Glenn In Awesome Slugfest

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Lightweight stalwart Evan Dunham welcomed former World Series of Fighting (WSOF) 145-pound champ Rick Glenn at tonight’s (September 17, 2016) UFC Fight Night Hidalgo. A battle of southpaw strikers ensued.

Glenn opened with a jumping front kick to the body. The veteran southpaw responded with a straight left and a pair of right hooks. “The Gladiator” throws out a high kick that backs Dunham up, then the two throw down in the pocket. Both men land solid punches, but Dunham comes out on top of the exchange. The Xtreme Couture rep changes levels and whips Glenn down. From guard Dunham postures up and lands some good ground and pound. Glenn tries to push him away with his legs, but Dunham looks to pass and then threatens with a front kick. The longtime Octagon vet alternates between standing while throwing big punches and picking away with shorter strikes from inside guard. While standing he has to fend off upkicks from the Roufusport fighter. Dunham takes the back as Glenn turtles up and attempts to stand near the fence. He looks to have a tight choke locked up, but “The Gladiator” again extricates himself. Dunham’s alternating body triangle, back mount, and full mount are stifling Glenn though. The UFC newcomer survives to see a second round.

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Round two begins with more active boxing. Glenn lands a really nice straight left, and the two exchange blows to the head in the pocket. Dunham ducks down for a takedown, gets stuffed, and then completes his second attempt. A D’Arce choke attempt has reddened Glenn’s face, but the former WSOF champ again escapes. He returns to his feet in the scramble that follows. Dunham pushes his foe to the cage and lands a nasty knee to the body. He then swings around to grab a rear waistlock, alternating between knees and trying to drag Glenn down. Dunham throws a head kick that is blocked. A kick from Glenn is caught, and the Oregon native gets a takedown. Glenn pushes off and returns to his feet. Jabs and 1-2’s connect for Dunham, but Glenn lands a couple of hooks. The veteran is getting the better of the striking exchanges, repeatedly snapping back Glenn’s head. The Roufusport fighter stuffs a takedown, and the striking battle continues. The fight is temporarily stopped for an apparent groin strike on Glenn, Dunham has a gash on the top of his head that is bleeding down the side of his head and neck profusely. Immediately after the referee returns the fighters to action, they throw down in the middle of the Octagon. The round expires after both men have eaten a fair number of shots.

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Round three begins with a Glenn leg kick, but he eats a two-piece in return. Dunham punches his way into the clinch, threatens with a takedown, then hits a standing elbow as they break. Dunham is tagging Glenn and keeping him on the defensive. He boxes him up in the pocket, grabs the head and dirty boxes in close, and wears on the UFC debutante with knees against the fence. With three minutes to go, the two slug it out in the pocket, both men eating clean punches like they were sandwiches. Dunham pulls Glenn’s head into a knee, but Glenn comes up raising his arms as if to say come on. Both men are throwing in combination almost constantly, but Dunham is throwing more and landing more. Dunham lands a head kick that Glenn tries to no-sell, but a 1-2 behind it have Glenn wobbled. The action is frenetic. Dunham is mixing in head kicks with his punching combinations, landing three or four to every one of Glenn’s. A Fight of the Night frontrunner ends with a jumping switch kick followed by a somersault kick from Glenn, but they both fall short. As the final seconds tick away, Dunham lines up an armbar and is leaning back trying to break the grip as time expires.

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Final Result: Evan Dunham def. Rick Glenn by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3).