Eight MMA Fighters Who Passed Away In 2017


Aaron Rajman

25-year-old featherweight fighter Aaron Rajman was shockingly murdered in cold blood after his home was invaded on Monday, July 3rd.

Rajman had been a member of American Top Team since he was a teenager and had compiled an 8-1 run as an amateur before turning professional in 2014, producing a 2-2 record at the time of his death.

At 10.24pm on July 3rd, several men burst into Rajman’s home in Palm Beach County, Florida and began arguing with the fighter before shooting him dead and then speeding off.

Three teenagers were later arrested and charged with first-degree murder in relation to the shooting.

According to a report in the Palm Beach Post newspaper that police were working on the theory that a 16-year-old female named Summer Church may have been the mastermind behind the incident, although she was not present at the scene of the crime and her mother has claimed she had been forced into phoning Rajman by the other suspects in order to check if he was home before the incident occurred.

Church had first met Rajman at a convenience store in January while she was dating one of the other suspects, 18-year-old Jace Swinton, who also then met the fighter and had been to his home.

The third suspect, 18-year-old Roberto Ortiz had been arrested back in January on an armed robbery charge in which he and another individual robbed and beat a 17-year-old youth, though the charges were later dropped when the victim refused to cooperate.

All three suspects have pled not guilty and are currently being held behind bars without bail.