Eight MMA Fighters Who Passed Away In 2017


Rondel Clark

26-year-old Rondel Clark tragically died on August 15th, just three days after being TKO’d in an amateur bout at Cage Titans 35 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Clark had only made his amateur debut a couple of months earlier, winning via strikes in just 25 seconds, and that would surely have given him confidence heading into his next 170-pound bout against the 0-2 Ryan Dunn.

Appearing to be in good spirits prior to the fight, Clark came out strong in the first round.

By the third round, Clark was running on fumes and eventually slumped to the mat from exhaustion, with the fight ending soon afterward by TKO.

At no point did Clark take any significant damage from strikes, but he was taken to hospital after the bout, where his kidneys would begin to fail.

From there, things spiraled out of control as Clark’s condition deteriorated and other vital organs began shutting down, and despite doctors’ best efforts in the days that followed they couldn’t save him.

The official cause of death was declared as Rhabdomyolysis, a condition in which muscle tissue breaks down rapidly due to extreme exertion, leading to a large quantity of fibers being released into the bloodstream that can overload the kidneys, and in rare cases such as Clark’s can prove fatal.