Eddie Alvarez Breaks Silence On Crushing ONE Championship Loss

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Eddie Alvarez’ ONE Championship debut didn’t go quite as planned, to say the least.

The former UFC lightweight champ met the lesser-known Timofey Nastyukhin on the main card of last weekend’s (Sun., March 31, 2019) ONE Championship: A New Era from Tokyo. In a shocking turn of events, Alvarez was stopped via TKO in the first round (watch the highlights here) following a barrage of brutal punches from Nastyukhin.

Alvarez largely remained quiet in the time since but broke that silence earlier today. ‘The Underground King’ released a statement on his Instagram about the loss. In it, he congratulated Nastyukhin and revealed his strikes had split both of his eyelids on his left eye. He admitted he was having trouble pulling the trigger in recent bouts.

Check out his statement here:

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Hey guys First and foremost congrats to Timofey in his victory , He is very deserving of everything that comes with victory and I wish him the best in the continued tournament . Honestly speaking how I fought my One Championship debut is not a reflection of my training my coaches , my team , it’s not even a reflection of my beliefs . I am sincerely disappointed and confused in my inability to not pull the trigger and my hesitancy on recent fight nights , it’s been quite confusing to figure out the past year or so . Coach Mark always stresses “hesitancy is Death” and it’s not something that is even in my character to do . In this particular fight I waited too long for an opening and paid the ultimate price . The punch that hit me , instantly blinded me and split both eyelids in half . It felt like my eye exploded from the inside and the pain was instant . From an outsider watching myself I should of have expected the result considering my actions . You have to punch , kick , takedown and pressure to win a fight , I waited . I simply waited too long for the correct timing and opening that never came . Fighting continues to teach me life lessons thru my victories and even more through tough defeats . Victory and defeat are by products of putting it on the line , they have been inescapable throughout my whole life . I hope to be judged on how I adjust and pivot from defeat and behave in victory rather than the result of a small moment in time . To my Wife /kids family , coaches , teams mates , friends and to all the fans , thank you always for your continued support , doing this is very lonely and isolated , a simple pat on the back goes a long long way . Thank you thank you thank you . I will make adjustments and come back true to form ???????????????????????????????? #UGK

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