Duane Ludwig Details Why Demetrious Johnson vs. TJ Dillashaw Needs To Happen

johnson dillashaw

The conversation about a potential super fight between UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and UFC bantamweight champion DJ Dillashaw rages on.

This time, Dillashaw’s coach Duane Ludwig gave his take on the potential fight and explained why it needs to happen.

“Just as a martial artist and a fan of the sport, too, it just has to happen for the history books,” Duane Ludwig told MMAjunkie while in Las Vegas.

Johnson and UFC President Dana White frequently exchanged words in early 2017. Johnson was not receptive to a fight with Dillashaw even though White and other UFC officials were pushing for it. White came out and mocked Johnson for taking it.

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This led to Johnson firing back and claimed that White threatened to shut down his entire division. White denied that and gave Johnson the fight he wanted, which was against Borg that is almost guaranteed to do low PPV numbers.

Apparently, though, that’s water under the bridge as White has gone on record by stating that this is a fight that will happen.

“I don’t care, Demtrious, you know you’re the best at your weight class right now, but you’re not fighting the top guys,” Ludwig said. “Demetrious as at an A-plus level, right? The guys that he’s fighting, no disrespect, but the guys that he’s fighting are at a B-plus level. They’re not on his level, but that’s why he’s the champ, right?

“T.J. is on the A-plus level at a different weight class. He’ll come down, he’ll make the weight with coach Sam Calavitta just for the evolution of martial arts in general because T.J. is the best martial artist that the planet’s ever had.”

“So is Demetrious, just different weight class, so let’s find a common weight class and find out who’s the true martial artist and put it to the test.”

Ludwig believes Dillashaw can be the man to finally end Johnson’s record-setting reign off 11 consecutive UFC title defenses.

“I wouldn’t say I see weaknesses, but I see areas that T.J. can be successful,” Ludwig said. “That’s what I see. I understand Demetrious, I feel, well, but he’s always changing and evolving, as well, but so are we, and that’s what we must be doing as human beings and martial artists. But I feel I understand him, and I feel that T.J. can beat him.”