Drake reacts to embarrassing Nate Diaz, Jake Paul press conference moment: ‘This is a weak generation’

Drake weak generation Jake Paul Nate Diaz press conference question

Drake reacts to cringeworthy media member at the Nate Diaz Vs.  Jake Paul press conference, labels new generation at ‘weak’.

The first press conference for the Paul Vs. Diaz boxing match took place just a couple of days ago, and rather than either fighter grabbing most of the headlines – it was a media member and employee of Jake Paul.

During the Q&A section of the event, Dereck Sullivan, an employee of Paul’s who produces content for Betr, asked Diaz for a fight with his brother Nick, before disrespecting his fighting skills.

“Nate, I’m actually a boxer myself and I’ve been trying to get into this undercard,” Sullivan began. “I’m just wondering if you think I could fight your brother, Nick, because if he’s anything like you I think I’d beat his f—king ass.”

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Drake reacts to press conference

Via his Instagram, hip-hop artist Drake reacted to the embarrassing press conference moment.

‘Man why would u play with a real g. this is a weak generation.’- Drake.

In response to this, Sullivan would issue an ‘apology’ before calling out the musician to a boxing matchup via the Betr Instagram, in what is a clear attempt to get more attention from the incident.

“I would like to apologise for the question I asked at the Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz press conference,” Sullivan said. “I would especially like to apologise to my boss Jake Paul and I would definitely want to apologise to Nate Diaz. Nate, please don’t hurt me, but if you do I definitely deserve it.”

Having said all this, Nick Diaz, the contracts been sent and Drake and I see fucking calling me out on you Instagram story, saying I’m what’s wrong with his generation. if you have a problem, come see me in the ring.”

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