Donald Cerrone Lays Out Retirement Plan: ‘Drink Beer And Have A Belly So Big I Can’t See My D*ck’

Donald Cerrone
Mandatory Credit: Carmen Mandato

One-time UFC lightweight title challenger, Donald Cerrone has laid out pretty distinct plans as he rides off into the sunset following his UFC 276 retirement – which includes continued attending of promotional events, and indulging. 

Cerrone, who challenged for undisputed UFC lightweight championship spoils back in 2015, to somewhat of a surprise, called time on his storied professional mixed martial arts career following a UFC 276 loss to two-time opponent, Jim Miller on Saturday. 

Enjoying a 17-year professional career, Cerrone, who replaced Bobby Green on just a week’s notice, suffered a second round guillotine loss against Miller – whom he holds a prior high kick knockout win over, before deciding to take off both his gloves and cowboy hat, placing them in the Octagon following the ‘Sin City’ defeat.

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“Thank you, Las Vegas,” Donald Cerrone said during his post-fight interview with UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan. “I’m glad my boys got to be here. Here they come now. I don’t love it anymore, Joe. It’s hard for me to get up (for fights), and this is the longest camp I’ve had in a long time. I’m not complaining to anybody, but I don’t love it anymore.”

“I‘m going to be a movie star, baby. It’s time to bow out. I’ve got to know when. This was the perfect event, man – a sold-out crowd in Las Vegas, talking to you. I’ve got my boys. It was one hell of a career, man. Hopefully, one day, I’m in the Hall of Fame. Thank you so much, UFC.”

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Donald Cerrone admits he should have likely retired more than 2 years ago

Ending his professional career boasting a 36-17(2) record, Cerrone further admitted that he likely should have called time on his run before his 2020 knockout loss to former two-weight champion, Conor McGregor, as well as laying out a gameplan for retired life away from the Octagon.

“I feel good,” Donald Cerrone told assembled media following UFC 276. “It’s like the biggest sight of relief I’ve ever had in my life. Like, ‘Ohh, we’re done.’ And it’s not off to the next chapter. I’m finally okay in my heart saying it’s time to walk away. The only regret I could say I have is I didn’t do this sooner. I’ll be coming to a lot of fights. I still love the sport, I just don’t love fighting for the sport anymore.”

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“Yeah, I’m going to drink beer up there on the front row and have a belly so big I can’t even see my d*ck,” Donald Cerrone explained. “That’s what I’m looking for. Take a look at this body, because it’ll be the last time it’s ever looking this way. After that, I’m turning the corner and never looking back.”