Dominick Reyes Wants Conor McGregor To Co-Main Event His Title Fight With Jon Jones

Dominick Reyes
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Dominick Reyes wants as many eyeballs as possible on his eventual light heavyweight title clash with Jon Jones.

“Bones” recently confirmed that he has decided to fight Reyes next, putting up his 205-pound crown for grabs yet again. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Reyes complimented Jones’ ability to troll people online. He then called for “Bones” to put pen to paper and make the fight official.

“He’s really turned into quite the troll. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. He goes online just to get a rise out of people and then he does completely different from what he says.

“I think he’s doing it just to mess with people to be honest. I’m ready to go. We’ve just got to get that contract now, sign it up and champ camp begins,” Reyes said.

Lastly, Reyes suggested Conor McGregor slide into the co-main event of their title fight, making the event that much bigger. Reyes noted he’s eying a January 18 fight with Jones in Las Vegas.

That just so happens to be the same date and location McGregor has already stated he’s locked in for next year.

“I’d fight him Jan. 18 in Vegas. Put Conor McGregor on the co-main and that sells the fight,” Reyes said.

Do you think McGregor’s return to the UFC will be in a co-main event role?