Instagram ‘clown’ Dillon Danis claims he had an affair with Paige VanZant, ’12 Gauge’ responds

Instagram 'clown' Dillon Danis ignites intense rivalry with Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford

A war is brewing between former UFC fighter Paige VanZant and internet troll extraordinaire, Dillon Danis.

On Saturday, May 25 ’12 Gauge’ will step inside the boxing ring for the first time as she challenges influencer Elle Brooke for the Misfits Boxing middleweight championship at MF & DAZN: X Series 15.

Paige VanZant

During a recent interview with Misfits Boxing ahead of her promotional debut, VanZant was asked her thoughts on other mixed martial arts who have tried and failed to make a successful transition from the cage to the ring. In her response, PVZ specifically singled out Dillon Danis who delivered a wholly embarrassing performance against Logan Paul in October.

“Dillon Danis is not a fighter. He’s not a fair comparison…[Ben Askren?] Not a fighter,” VanZant said. “He’s a wrestler. Nate Diaz is great…Jorge Masvidal…I think a lot of people try to compare my career to UFC veterans who leave the UFC because they either get cut or it’s the end of their career.

I left the UFC when I was, gosh, 25…I wasn’t 40. I didn’t have a hundred fights under my belt. I was still young in the career and young in my sport.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Danis to respond to the negative comment from VanZant. But instead of delivering some garden variety combat sports trash talk, Danis suggested that he and ’12 Gauge’ had a secret tryst during a couple of trips to ‘Sin City’ together.

“How fast they forget! Haha, relax, Paigey baby, just because I didn’t wife you doesn’t mean you have to be petty. Don’t make me bring up our two trips to Vegas and ruin your marriage,” Danis wrote on X.

Dillon Danis on Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant goes hard at Dillon Danis

Taking exception to Danis’ insinuations, VanZant delivered a scathing response on social media, revealing the one brief and fairly awkward interaction the two shared during her time with the UFC.

“There’s a certain clown on Instagram named Dillon Danis trying to talk some sh*t and stir up some drama, so let’s f*cking go,” VanZant said. “Dillon, obviously I said you’re not a ‘real fighter.’ My bad. I triggered you. I understand I hurt your feelings. But instead of coming back and just talking sh*t about me, saying I’m not a real fighter, what did you do? You kinda f*cked yourself, right? You backed yourself into a corner because now you have to come up with proof of this alleged affair.

“The only time I ever remember seeing you in Las Vegas was at the UFC athlete retreat. You walked up to me in a bar, asked me to peg you in front of multiple other UFC fighters, and I laughed in your face. That’s not the definition of a relationship, is it? And stirring up drama on the internet to try and fight my husband, there are definitely better ways that you could handle that. He’s got three things you will absolutely never have: 1) a wife 2) friends and 3) a real MMA resume.

“So, Dillon, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but when you’re a piece of sh*t like you are, it’s pretty f*cking easy.

Paige VanZant’s husband, MMA fighter Austin Vanderfor, also chimed in and suggested that if Danis wants to throw hands, he’s more than willing to oblige.

“Dillon, guy …,” Vanderford said on Instagram. “Let’s just fight. Paige’s comments seemed to upset you. We are the same weight. We can box or do whatever you want.”

Paige VanZant's husband comments on Dillon Danis