Dillon Danis Shares an Image of multiple police officers at his door: ‘Stop the swatting on me’

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis shared another interesting screenshot from his doorbell camera.

Danis has been the subject of multiple headlines over the last month, much of it related to his intense rivalry with social media star Logan Paul which culminated with more of a whimper than a roar at last month’s Misfits Boxing event in Manchester.

In the weeks leading up to their lackluster clash, Dillon Danis regularly targeted Paul’s fiancee, Danish swimsuit model Nina Agdal with a slew of memes, comments, and explicit photos meant to torment and humiliate the pair. However, Danis seemingly went too far when he allegedly posted an NSFW image of Agdal that was taken during “a romantic encounter” more than a decade ago and was never meant for public release.

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That prompted Agdal to file a lawsuit against Danis, claiming that he violated state and federal ‘revenge porn‘ laws in his online onslaught.

Since then, Dillon Danis has been visited by process servers aplenty. Now it appears that the former Conor McGregor coach was paid a visit by an entourage of police officers. At least, that appears to be the case per a recent post on Danis’ account on X.

“Stop the swatting on me,” Danis wrote. “You guys are going to get someone hurt for real. Come on, it’s not cool.”

It’s uncertain if the police visit occurred on the date it was posted or if Danis is just trying to get some traffic to his account by sharing something from long ago.

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Dillon Danis Followers Fall Head-Over-Heels For ‘Cute’ Cop at his door

Regardless, users online seemed to be more interested in learning about the photogenic officer standing in the background to the right. “She kinda cute back there,” one individual wrote.

Chick on the right kinda cute ngl,” another quipped.

Check out some of the other comments below: