Diego Sanchez has defended his coach and manager, Joshua Fabia, who is in the firing line after ‘The Nightmare’ was cut by the UFC earlier this week.

In the lead up to Sanchez’s retirement fight against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone on May 8, Fabia formally requested the UFC release all of his fighters’ medical records.

The UFC, confused by the request wrote to Sanchez asking him if he was free of any medical issues ahead of his fight against Cerrone. Sanchez was advised against confirming or denying his health status as the email could be used against him at a later date.

“UFC wanted me to state that I am not experiencing any neurological issues and that I have no long-term health side effects from fighting a career of (16) years in the UFC,” Sanchez said. “My advisers told me, ‘Basically what they’re trying to do is, right before you finish your last fight, they’re trying to make sure they have documentation of you saying that you never sustained anything. So basically you’re being forced, being bullied into waiving your medical rights, possible (UFC) medical liabilities.’ With that being said, the email was sent to Hunter, and the response was very fast. … The letter said they have chosen to pay me 100 percent for the fight, show money, win money, and sponsorship money.”

Sanchez had already passed his pre-fight medical’s and was cleared to compete on May 8. The Ultimate Fighter Season One winner was confused about why the UFC felt the need to have further reassurances about his health.

“Why, when this has already been done, do I have to state this, state that?” Sanchez said. “Yeah, my manager did ask for my list of medicals from throughout my career. I’ve had a lot of injuries. I want to have my history. This is my medical history. I want to have it on file. I want to have what the UFC has. It’s my medical health, right? And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t feel like, after I’m done, if (UFC president) Dana White won’t answer my calls now, won’t let me have a meeting now, once I’m done and I’m out of the UFC, do you think I’m gonna be able to get a hold of anybody? Do you think anything’s gonna go through? No, nothing’s gonna go through. I’m never gonna get sh*t from them.”

Sanchez was keen to defend his trainer who has been in the firing line from fans and fighters who believe he has brainwashed the UFC Hall of Famer in recent years.

“If this was the case, I wouldn’t be sticking by his side, having his back,” Sanchez said. “The truth of the whole matter is me and him having each other’s back against a billion-dollar monopoly world-wide organization.” (Transcribed by MMA Junkie)

What do you make of this situation involving Diego Sanchez, Joshua Fabia & the UFC?

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