UFC middleweight Deron Winn gives a humorous breakdown of his recent knockout loss to Phil Hawes.

Following a loss, we often see fighters release solemn statements apologizing for their performance, blaming weight cuts, or describing how bad their camp was, not Deron Winn.

This past Saturday saw him face Phil Hawes, a bout that was almost a year in the making, with it first being booked in July of last year.

Unfortunately for Winn, Hawes was on fire and produced an incredible performance, stopping Winn in the second round, and earning himself a performance of the night bonus.

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Winn would suffer a broken orbital bone and was badly beaten when the fight was eventually stopped but just days after took the time to voice over the highlights to his latest bout.

Winn can be heard stating: “Now the doc came to see me before the next round. Boy, get your a** out the cage, we fighting. I heard some drunk dudes in the stands cheering me on so I figured ‘I’ll get up.’ I get up, I’m digging in my ear, I don’t even know what’s going on.
We back to fighting, try to make it dirty. We throw elbows, I’m throwing elbows, He elbows me for the three millionth time. I’m grabbing my head, tired of getting elbowed. I’m like ‘Stop! Elbowing! Me! He elbows me for the fourth millionth time, Iā€™m looking at Herb [Referee] like boy what took your a** so long.”

What’s Next For Deron Winn?

The loss now leaves the former collegiate wrestler with a record of 7-3 and with such a severe injury like a broken orbital bone, we may not see Winn back in action for a while.

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But, if Winn continues to show the heart that he did while also engaging the fans with content like this, the American Kickboxing Academy product will have many waiting on his return.

Who would you like to see Deron Winn face next?