Exclusive – David Feldman: Luis Palomino isn’t popular enough to fight BKFC star Mike Perry: ‘He has to earn it”

Luis Palomino no fight with Mike Perry he hasn't earned it BKFC David Feldman

David Feldman didn’t hold back when it came to discussing the business of Mike Perry fights. In an exclusive interview with LowKick MMA, he said plain and simply that Luis Palomino isn’t ready to fight Perry yet.

Even more honestly, he also insinuated that just simply beating Austin Trout on February 2nd at BKFC 57 won’t even be enough. No, Luis Palomino needs to have a superstar performance. In the words of Feldman himself: Palomino needs to make fans want to watch a potential fight between him and Perry.

9-0 in the BKFC, Luis Palomino is currently the BKFC lightweight champion of the world. However, this hasn’t sealed the deal on the biggest money fight of his career. Yet. The door is still open for a Palomino vs. Perry banger, but ‘Baboon’ won’t earn this money fight just via meritocracy alone. David Feldman has a business to run, and he is in the business of selling fights.

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David Feldman Describes Arguement with Luis Palomino

In an exclusive interview with LowKick MMA, David Feldman was asked about the potential for Mike Perry to face the winner of the rapidly approaching Palomino vs Trout fight, and also about the direction he personally would like to see Perry take.

“I mean, it’s possible.” Feldman began, speaking about the possibility of a Palomino vs Perry fight. “I actually had an argument with Luis, because he wanted to fight Mike Perry. And I said look, coming off your last performance, you gotta give fans a reason why they want to see you fight Mike Perry. And right now, no one is asking for that…”

The BKFC boss would continue on the subject, highlighting how Palomino was so hyped up to prove himself to be worthy for the Perry fight that he was yelling.

“Now (I told him), go out there this time, and do what you need to do just to get people talking.” David Feldman said. “Saying ‘I want to see Luis Palomino fight Mike Perry’. And you know, we’d (Palomino and I have) gone back and forth a bit… I said listen, man, I’d love nothing more than to see you earn that shot and get your ‘just due’, but you have to earn it. And this is your shot, this Friday night to earn it. So, you want it? Go out and get it.”

When asked if he’d prefer Perry to chase a money fight or a title shot, the answer the CEO of BKFC gave was a very truthful and realistic one.

“Not really,” Feldman said. “Because what people don’t understand is look. If we’re not talking about the growth of the company and we’re just talking about putting on good fights. Then yes. But you’re talking about the growth of the company.”

“You need to put on these big names fighting other big names. Because, when the big names don’t fight big names, it doesn’t get people really, really interested. So, you have to have the big names fight the other big names. And, that gets people who’ve never viewed this before to actually watch it and potentially become a fan of this sport, and this promotion. And that’s the goal here.”

Do you think Luis Palomino will defeat Austin Trout at BKFC 57 and fight Mike Perry next, and, what’s your opinion on the take from David Feldman about Perry’s future fights?