Darren Till believes Sean O’Malley needs to take his loss to Marlon Vera and move on.

Ever since O’Malley lost at UFC 252, he blamed the ankle and even said he will still be a world champion while Vera will be a journeyman. For Till, he says O’Malley needs to give ‘Chito’ respect.

“You always have to give credit,” Till said on Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me podcast (via MMAFighting). “I was saying something to someone before about Sean O’Malley with ‘Chito’ Vera. I really like Sean and I think he’s gonna be good, but you got beat, man. Take your loss. Have respect, you will be a champion yet in the future, but don’t start calling the guy who just beat you a journeyman.

“I’m not throwing disrespect at him. I think he’s a good fighter, but there’s two things that stuck out in my mind. One, is the way that he lost [with his ankle] and it just makes me think that I fought three complete rounds with a torn MCL. My knees are f*cked. I know what I had to fight with for those three rounds,” he continued. “couldn’t use what I’m best at. I’m a master of movement and I couldn’t do it. I was there. There was no way I was going. Even when Rob took me down, I was in so much pain and I was like, ‘Get back up, get back up, get back up.’

“Number two, I just think the way he’s handling it after the fight, ‘Oh, he’s a journeyman, I’m gonna be a champion,’ mate, just take the loss. Give the respect and you’ll be a champion. Just forget all of that.”

Not only does Darren Till believe Sean O’Malley needs to give credit, but he believes Suga needs to accept the loss and move on.

“The world’s best have all lost,” Till stated. “Muhammad Ali, I even believe Floyd Mayweather lost, too, even though he is one of a kind. We all lost. I am one of the world’s best and we all lose. Take your loss, go back, come back.”

What do you make of Darren Till’s advice to Sean O’Malley?