Daniel Cormier Reveals Retirement Plans, Eyes Two Huge Fights

Photo by Stephen R. Sylvanie for USA TODAY Sports
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Daniel Cormier reveals his retirement plans as he’s eyeing two big fights before stepping away from the sport of MMA.

Since July, there has been a lot of speculation whether or not Cormier would defend his 205-division belt before he decides to walk away. The UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion is supposed to make his first heavyweight title defense against Brock Lesnar as the king of the 265-pound division in January of 2019.

If Cormier actually goes through with fighting two more times, it’s possible that the promotion books him in January or February against Lesnar. Then, pushes his fight against Jon Jones to March or April. Either way, it would be a big risk by DC.

“DC’s” Plan

Well, “DC” recently went on record by stating that he plans to fight Lesnar then his archrival in Jones. However, if he can’t fight Lesnar first then he’s willing to give Stipe Miocic another shot at the crown.

”If Lesnar can’t fight, I’d fight Stipe,” Cormier told TMZ Sports. “But it’s gonna be Jones at least. Lesnar and Jones. Lesnar first, Jones after.”

Cormier scored a KO win over Stipe Miocic to win the UFC heavyweight title in the main event of the UFC 226 pay-per-view event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. DC has also made it known that he wants his third fight against Jones to be at light heavyweight.

”I want to fight Jones at 205,” he said (H/T to MMAMania). “Because that’s where he beat me. He beat me at 205. I want to beat him where he beat me. And I think Jon and I are on the same wavelength in that sense … and we’re never on the same wavelength. We don’t agree on anything. It’s always going to be that intense.”

What The Boss Says

This is against what UFC President Dana White has been saying, which is the fight would go down at heavyweight.

“But both of us want to fight at 205 and ultimately … Dana is a powerful guy but ultimately what we decide is what we’re going to do. And if both of us say we’re going to fight at 205, that’s where we’re going to fight.”

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