Time heals all wounds. So it’s time Dana White talks us through the thought process behind using the ‘Trollygate’ video to help promote UFC 229.

Not even six months ago, former UFC champion Conor McGregor was making headlines for throwing a dolly through a bus window in Brooklyn, NY. As a result, Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa were injured. They were therefore unable to compete at UFC 223, altering the PPV portion of the card.

Dana White, who usually has McGregor’s back, was left almost speechless – quite the feat. White went so far as to question whether or not his Irish superstar was on drugs. Perhaps the Irishman knew exactly what he was doing all along.

White may have viewed McGregor’s action perplexing at the time but what’s done is done. And since White can’t go back in time and prevent McGregor from acting a fool in Brooklyn, he should do the next best thing. White talked using the ‘despicable’ footage to help promote UFC 229:

“It was definitely something bad that I didn’t expect from anybody,” White said in a recent BBC interview. “He got in trouble legally in New York. He had to go to court and hire lawyers and go through lawsuits and all kinds of stuff that goes along with something like that. Obviously, going into the fight, it’s definitely part of the storyline.”

Indeed it may be a part of the storyline. There’s no doubt that footage of the insane attack will help hype the fight.

But it’s already being called the biggest fight in UFC history. Does UFC 229 need that kind of promotion?

Mike Straus @AKAstraus21 is a credentialed MMA journalist and a member of the MMAJA. He has been a fan of the sport since its inception and has been covering the sport professionally for three years. In the past, he has produced content for Fansided's Cagepages, mma-media.com, and Combatpress.com. He currently contributes for MyMMANews.com, he is a staff writer for Cagesidepress.com, and LowKickMMA.com. He most recently began writing for BJPenn.com.