UFC president Dana White has something in store for fans who plan to illegally stream events in 2021.

The promotion kicks off the new year with the UFC 257 pay-per-view event which features the highly-anticipated return of Conor McGregor who takes on Dustin Poirier on January 23.

Given that McGregor is the biggest draw in the sport, the event is bound to do lucrative business for the UFC and White plans to reap as much of the rewards as he can.

That even includes taking measures against those who choose to illegally stream the event instead of purchasing it through the proper channels as White responded to a fan who claimed he would pirate UFC 257 (via DovySimuMMA).

“And I can’t wait to catch u!!! Gotta surprise for u mother f*ckers this year 👊👊”

While piracy and streaming is a big problem, it’s pretty common in the sporting world, let alone with the UFC.

It’s also hard to really see what White can do about it as even if streaming sites like Crack Streams are no longer available, there will always be a number of other ones that take its place.

Perhaps one step could be to reduce pay-per-view prices instead of increasing them?

What do you think of White’s comment?

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