UFC President Dana White made headlines again this week after he blasted fans on Twitter who were negative towards him, the UFC and the Reebok fighter kit deal. White has been known to blast fans from time to time but has been quiet here lately. That was until last night when he went toe-to-toe with the “trolls” (that he calls them) from people who were not saying kind things about all three subjects listed above.

Instead of blocking or not replying to them, White decided to pick apart either their Twitter profiles, what they said or at best, “you’re a moron, go away.”

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Just days away from the UFC’s return to big Fox, White made a bold PR move and that was to respond to those who have negative things to say about him..

Check out the many tweets from White down below:

Piece of advice Mr. White, you will never meet those people face-to-face, who cares if they like to say negative things on Twitter. In the end, is it really worth it to troll the trolls, who just do it to get a response from you?

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