Dana White: In Perfect World, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Returns To FX

Dana White
Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports
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After the Contender Series was brought in and started to gain viewers’ attention, many thought it was the end of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Yet, Dana White has spoken openly about how important TUF is to the UFC and how much he likes it.

But, there was no summer season this year. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s dead. White still wants it to return and wants it to return on FX.

“I think we made some progress (on bringing ‘TUF’ back), but we’re still looking for where this thing is going to end up,” White told reporters, during a media scrum after the Contender Series (h/t MMA Junkie). “In a perfect world, I want ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ back on FX. In a perfect world, that would be awesome because FX is incredible. ESPN owns FX for those who don’t know.”

TUF struggled to attract viewers as of late, but does produce high-level fighters. So, it is obviously important for the UFC to gain talent, as White says.

“[Craig] Piligian and I are working on “The Ultimate Fighter” right now,” White said, “We’ll figure [the timeline for the return] tonight. They’re waiting for me for dinner right now. We’re going to switch some things around, do some things different but I truly believe that The Ultimate Fighter is so key in building young talent.

This show is fun and guys come in but what they have to go through with cameras in their face 24/7, being away from home, being away from their families and all the bulls**t, hardcore training every day with these dream camps that are f**king built, cutting weight, staying on weight, you’ll never go through anything harder than The Ultimate Fighter.”

When TUF will return is unknown. But, White says he wants it to return and return on FX.

Would you watch The Ultimate Fighter if it returned?

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