Dana White claims the fighters he’s routinely blasted in the past deserved it.

The polarizing UFC president has undergone a significant amount of criticism in the past for blasting fighters who made him money. He’s not going to back down in the face of that criticism, meanwhile.

White recently told FOX News (via MMA Weekly) that the fighters he berated after the fact were deserving of what he said:

“Well guess what? This isn’t the fun business. You don’t get to go out and put on a terrible performance and act like you just did something incredible.

“The guys that I went after and the guys that I did that to, if you watched their performances and what happened that night, most of them deserved it.”

White has gone off on fighters like Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Francis Ngannou because of performances he didn’t like. He’s also built a reputation on his harsh, pull-no-punches demeanor because of it.

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He does offer quick praise for excellent fights as well. But White’s criticism may have also lead to poor sales of an event due to his public bashing. Many wonder if that’s the best course of action for a man who sells fights.

It’s a safe question to ask with UFC pay-per-view sales slumping this year. What do you think?

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