Dana White reveals he turned down big money Hulu offer after learning about the unfair treatment of boxing legend Mike Tyson

Dana White, Mike Tyson

After a quick call with Mike Tyson, Dana White realized the Hulu deal wasn’t for him, as it would have jeopardized his relationship with the boxing legend.

Last week, Mike Tyson announced that the streaming platform, Hulu, would be airing a miniseries about his life, which he had not authorized or agreed to. He also revealed that Hulu had reached out to Dana White for a promotional deal, which the UFC president shot down. 

“Hulu tried to desperately pay my brother @danawhite millions without offering me a dollar to promote their slave master take over story about my life. He turned it down because he honors friendship and treating people with dignity. I’ll never forget what he did for me just like I’ll never forget what Hulu stole from me.”

Dana White Squashed The Tyson Hulu Deal After Learning About The Unfair Treatment Of The Boxing Legend

Yesterday, after the Dana White Contender Series show ended, White held a press conference where he answered several questions, including one regarding the Hulu offer. 

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“We were on the verge of a deal with Hulu to promote this Mike Tyson unauthorized biography. My head of production came to me and said ‘i’m hearing that Tyson isn’t happy about this thing. So I called Mike and I said, we’re in a deal with these guys, we have a verbal to do this deal with them. He said, ‘Dana, they’re fu***** me.’ I said, ‘I’m out then. I’ll squash this deal. So I killed the deal and I told him that it was over and that we won’t be promoting that show for Hulu and then he did what he did.”

It seems as if Dana White values his friendship with Tyson more than the money Hulu was offering. Also, having hundreds of millions of dollars must have made this decision pretty easy for the UFC president, as there is only one Mike Tyson, while Dana could always find other ways to make more money.

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The Hulu show has caused a lot of controversy where many celebrities and fighters, such as Nathan Diaz, have publicly supported Mike Tyson. For now, there isn’t any update on whether the show is going to make amends with Tyson, but with all the public pressure the streaming platform is facing, it wouldn’t be surprising if they come to some kind of deal.