ATT Owner Donates Dustin Poirier’s Gym Fees To ‘Diamond’s’ Foundation

Photo: John David Mercer for USA TODAY Sports
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Dustin Poirier did more than just win a UFC world championship this past weekend.

He helped further his Good Fight Foundation with a pair of generous donations. First, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway donated his gloves from he and Poirier’s UFC 236 fight to the cause.

The funds will go towards the non-profit charity, which is aiming to raise enough money to build a playground for disabled children at Prairie Elementary School in “The Diamond’s” hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. The playground is being built in honor of seven-year-old Aaron Hill, who passed away in October of 2017 from a rare brain disorder called adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

MMA Junkie also reports that American Top Team (ATT) owner Dan Lambert is donating Poirier’s UFC 236 gym funds to Good Fight. The funds are valued at more than $12,000:

“That’s a big deal to me,” Poirier said.

Poirier’s UFC 236 fight kit started at $500, and has now surpassed $8,000 because of all of the attention. As for Holloway’s gloves, those have already been sold:

“Here is the link for the @TheGoodFightFDN auction! Its everything I wore to the octagon on Saturday night. The gloves aren’t being auctioned with it because I had a generous offer for them that will help our goal! Thank you all!!”

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