Dan Hardy is a name MMA fans may have forgot about. “The Outlaw” actually challenged for Georges St-Pierre’s welterweight championship back in 2010 and was at one point a No. 1-contender. However, he has spent some serious time on the sidelines, not having competed since 2012 due to a heart disease known as Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome.

Despite being out for three years, the 32-year-old Brit isn’t ready to hang up the gloves just yet, and actually wants two more fights before closing the door on his career. It will take some convincing of UFC boss Dana White before we see “The Outlaw” back in action, however. White would rather Hardy play it safe and continue his career as a broadcaster for UFC Fight Pass shows.

But Hardy admits that broadcasting and interviewing the fighters just isn’t the same, and that he needs to grace the Octagon again. Speaking with MMAFighting at a Q&A in Ireland, Hardy even talked potential opponents, noting that he would love to face the ageing Josh Koscheck, who may retire himself, as well as another ageing veteran in Diego Sanchez:

“I’ve just been speaking to Dana backstage and he’s trying to convince me, ‘nah, you’ve got a career in commentary. It’s not the same, when I get in there interviewing them after their fights and I’ve got my arm around them, I’m feeling the energy they’re putting off. I miss that, I miss all of this. Honestly, I’d love to fight again, yeah. Maybe two more. I would fight Koscheck at anything. Under any rules, any game, any sport, any how, I don’t mind. I’ve never saw eye-to-eye. I’d love to fight Koscheck. Diego Sanchez called me out the other day. There’s always someone calling me out.”

Hardy is actually riding a two-fight win streak, and at only 32-years-old he may have some gas left in the tank if he is healthy of course. If White is on board with this idea, these fights seem to make since for “The Outlaw”, as both names mentioned are not exactly top contenders anymore.

Would you like to see the British slugger swing one more time, or should he call it quits once and for all?