The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has recommended two fighters from UFC 227 move up in weight.

CSAC has recommended that Alex Perez and Brett Johns move up in weight after their respective bouts on the Los Angeles card.

Per a report from MMA Fighting, both men came in over CSAC’s fight-day weight check regulations.

The recommendation will be noted in the Association Of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports’ (ABC) database. Perez has been requested to move up to bantamweight, while Johns is being recommended for a featherweight jump. They will be allowed to stay in their current respective divisions if given clearance by a doctor. Other commissions have respected CSAC’s recommendations so far, only allowing fighters to compete at the lower weight class with the doctor’s approval.

Perez went from weighing 126 pounds on weigh-in day to 146.5 pounds on fight day. That’s a weight gain percentage of 16.3 percent. Johns went from 135.2 pounds to 158 pounds on fight day for a 16.2 percent gain.

Johns and Perez gained the most weight of any fighters on the card. The pair, along with all but six fighters competing on the card, came in over the CSAC’s regulation of 10 percent.

CSAC executive officer Andy Foster revealed that the other 16 fighters who gained over 10 percent were so close to the number that they were given the benefit of the doubt.

Foster also noted that fighters are weighted upon their arrival to the arena, not in the morning. It’s possible they came in heavier due to extra hydration before their fight.

As for Perez and Johns, Perez’s manager, Jason House, has already confirmed that a doctor has cleared his client to continue fighting at flyweight. He plans to continue his UFC career in the weight class.

Johns has not commented on the situation as of this writing.

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