Cris Cyborg Responds To Jokes About Her ‘Cutting Off Her D*ck’

cris cyborg vs joe rogan
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Just days after Cris Cyborg was gloating about Ronda Rousey getting KTFO and now this sh*t storm appears…..

The Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg Justino has never really had a great relationship with the UFC. Mainly due to her hateful rivalry with Ronda Rousey, the former women’s bantamweight champion, but also because of her chequered history with drug tests and the break down in negotiations of her multiple opportunities to join the UFC’s ranks.

Questions about when the UFC will be opening a 145-pound division go unanswered, but there’s a whole different kind of storm brewing, and it involves Joe Rogan and UFC president Dana White. During his most recent podcast, recorded on the plane back from Melbourne, Australia, where Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm at UFC 193, the UFC commentator made some perhaps controversial comments.

You’ll remember just weeks ago, during the endless stream of, let’s be frank, bullshit promotion videos for the ‘most dominant athlete in the world’ Ronda Rousey, that the Judo Olympic star spoke about being bullied for her appearance. Now it seems her employer and colleagues are doing just that, only to someone under a different banner, albeit Zuffa controlled. Again, let’s be honest here, this is pretty outrageous considering Matt Mitrione got suspended for speaking out against Transgender fighter Fallon Fox. Now the president of the promotion and the face of the commentary team are giggling like little girls while mocking a fighter’s appearance for all to hear.

Of course the Brazilian banger wasn’t going to sit by and let these sorts of scornful comments go unanswered, and it led to a heated argument over Twitter. An argument so long and hate filled, we’ve had to dedicate a whole page to it.

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