Covington Says Usman Has ‘No Chance’ To Beat Tyron Woodley

Colby Covington
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Colby Covington doesn’t think welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is going to have much of a challenge when he defends his title against Kamaru Usman.

The two fighters don’t often see eye to eye, however, on this occasion both Covington and Woodley seem to think the No. 3-ranked welterweight doesn’t pose much of test for “The Chosen One.”

“There’s no chance Usman beats him. I’d bet every dollar on it. Look at his career. He hasn’t even beat a guy coming off a win in the top 10. Both of his wins in the top 10 are guys I left f—king bloodied and beaten and souls taken. Those guys don’t have anything left in the tank because of what I did to them. He hasn’t beat anybody that’s legit.

“Woodley’s going to walk through him but even when that happens I still don’t think the fight is going to happen [with me].”

A title fight between Woodley and Covington seemed all but certain. Their rivalry is natural, stemming from their days spent as training partners at American Top Team.

“Ever since I whooped his ass in the gym, he doesn’t want to fight me, plain and simple,” Covington said. “I can know the rest of my life that I beat his ass in the gym and I’m a better fighter than him. I don’t need to prove anything. He has something to prove to me. I f*k*ng took his soul the last time we were in the gym so I’ve got nothing to prove to Tyron Woodley.”

He added, “He’s my little b–ch and he knows it.”

As far as Covington ever fighting Woodley, well the former interim champion is growing less optimistic by the day. Of course, Woodley must first defend his belt at UFC 235.

“Woodley is going to delay it longer, he’s going to say he has fake injuries and the UFC is just going to move on,” Covington said. “Somebody else is going to be there. There will be another guy in the division who will get to fight.

“I honestly don’t think the fight is ever going to happen.”