Cory McKenna Decisions Kay Hansen – UFC Vegas 14 Results

Cory McKenna

Opening up the UFC Vegas 14 main card is an intriguing bout between two of the youngest fighters on the roster. The 21-year-old Kay Hansen makes her second trip to the Octagon against Cory McKenna who is also 21 and making her UFC debut.

Round 1: A quick start to the fight. Kay Hansen lands a nice combination. Cory McKenna is firing back. Both of these ladies are throwing down. McKenna lands a nice one-two down the pipe. Hansen lands a jab then goes low with the leg kick. McKenna lands a nice right over the top before the two fighters clinch up. Hansen lands a sweep which floors McKenna for a moment but she pops straight back up. Hansen keeps trying for the takedown but eventually gives it up. McKenna lands a beautiful one-two – she’s throwing hard right now! Hansen initiates the body lock and pushes hr opponent to the fence. McKenna reverses the position and is now trying for her own takedown. Hansen defends with some elbows and threatens with some knees too. She drags McKenna down and takes the Welsh fighters back. McKenna actually comes out the of position better as she lands several head shots until the bell sounds to end the round.

Round 2: McKenna lands a nice uppercut at the start of round two. Hansen returns with a hard shot of her own. The 21-year-old follows it up with a jab before clinching up against the fence. She’s unable to get the takedown but lands on the break. Hansen follows up with a nice liver kick. McKenna eats some knees from the clinch position. Hansen is starting to put her shots together. Just as I say that she secures the takedown and immediately moves into back mount. The choke is on it looks tight by McKenna does well to escape. Hansen tries for the armbar but falls off and surrenders the position. McKenna is now on top dropping ground and pound. Hansen is trying to escape with everything she’s got but McKenna has her pinned to the mat and is landing enough to keep the position until the end of round two.

Round 3: McKenna is popping the jab at the start of the final round. Hansen goes to work with a body kick. The American follows up with the jab and a shot over the top. A nice one-two from Hansen but McKenna fires straight back with one of her own. Hansen dips under a shot and secures a clean takedown in the middle of the Octagon. Hansen is in half guard and seems to have the position secure now. She’s bleeding bad but it’s not clear where from. McKenna recovers guard with 100 seconds left on the clock. She’s landing elbows but is really struggling to get up. It doesn’t matter though McKenna is landing big shots from the bottom. McKenna tries for a kimura. Hansen tries for a head and arm triangle. McKenna reverses the position and ends up on top again. McKenna is reigning down ground and pound until the final bell sounds.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kay Hansen def. Cory McKenna via unanimous decision