Conor McGregor‘s head coach, John Kavanagh, helped him prepare for bouts with both Max Holloway and Jose Aldo, and recently he made his prediction for Saturday’s contest.

Aldo and Holloway will throw down in the headliner of UFC 212, which will go down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. McGregor faced Holloway back in 2013, and worked his way to a decision win over the Hawaiian fighter. Then, in 2015, McGregor ended Aldo’s storied reign as the 145 champ (at the time), with a booming left straight just 13 seconds in.

Well, recently the SBG founder was asked to weigh-in on Saturday’s Aldo – Holloway scrap, while speaking to ESPN. Here is some of what Kavanagh had to say:

I’ve been saying this since Conor [McGregor] fought Holloway [in 2013], that I saw him as the No. 1 featherweight. And how he has developed since then has only strengthened that in my head.

I think he will have a unanimous decision over Aldo. Aldo came up through a time when fighters were a lot more one-dimensional than they are now. Aldo’s style is almost perfect against smaller guys who are grappling-based. I don’t believe there is a smaller guy than Aldo in the world, who is grappling based, who could beat him. I’ve actually learned a hell of a lot from watching his fights and he’s pretty much perfect against that kind of opponent.

Kavanagh went on to argue that where Aldo has trouble, is against “guys who can strike”, particularly “rangy” fighters who won’t panic as a result of the champ’s vicious leg kicks.

So, when you consider Kavanagh is the head coach of one of the biggest stars in combat sports, and that he has a vast knowledge of the game, these are pretty interesting comments to consider. Others have also questioned whether Aldo will be able to deal with the reach, mobility and diverse attacks of Holloway.

But, it’s important to note that Aldo is one of the greatest fighters in history, and that he’s participated in a lot of high stakes fights. Holloway has a ton of momentum behind him, but, he doesn’t have the same experience as Aldo. Could that be a pivotal factor in Saturday’s scrap? Hard to say.

In addition, if Holloway can’t negate Aldo’s legkicks with forward pressure or checks, he could be in for a rough night, regardless of whether he panics or not.

It’s a fascinating fight on many levels. What say you? Who is going to win?