Conor McGregor’s Coach Challenges Sage Northcutt For UFC Debut

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Dillon Danis has gained fame due to the fact that he has helped train UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, but he also happens to be one of the most decorated jiu-jitsu players in the world. While his success in BJJ speaks for itself, Danis has showed some signs indicating that he could potentially make the jump over to mixed martial arts (MMA) at some point.

Danis has received an offer to compete at a Cage Fury Fighting Championship event next year, but he recently told that he plans on going right to the big leagues:

“I honestly think I can go my first fight in the UFC, and I think I would dominate,” Danis said. “I say that 100 percent being fact. I’m not a stupid person and I know what I’m capable of. I know who I’ve trained with, and I know what I’ve seen.”

If he were to get a chance in the UFC, Danis also has a name on his mind, as he feels as if a bout with rising prospect Sage Northcutt would be an ‘easy’ fight:

“That would be an easy fight,” Danis said. “Just to get in there. That would be a good, easy one to just get out of the way. Beat someone that has a decent name.”

In addition to Northcutt, Danis, 23-years-old, has also exchanged words with McGregor’s rival Nate Diaz, specifically after Diaz and McGregor fought for a second time at UFC 202 last August. Danis has said that he’d fight Diaz and according to the Brazilian, the fact that Diaz is a highly experienced veteran ‘means nothing’:

“That means nothing,” Danis said. “It doesn’t mean anything. I’ve always respected Nate. I think Nate is an awesome fighter. But when he called me out, that’s when we have a problem.”

As far as what weight he would compete at, Danis took a page out of McGregor’s book when he implied that it simply wouldn’t make a difference:

“I can dominate any weight class,” Danis said.

Would you like to see the BJJ guru compete in the Octagon?