It’s time Conor McGregor reveals the real reason he came back to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov at October 6’s UFC 229 from Las Vegas, Nevada.

As expected, McGregor wasted little time getting the trash talk building with Khabib at today’s UFC 229 Press Conference from New York City. He dove right into why he was returning to shut up his rival champion Nurmagomedov after their highly-publicized beef in New York earlier this year.

McGregor claimed that Khabib cowered when faced with even numbers. He’s back for the love of war, and can’t wait to put a bad beating on ‘The Eagle’:

“I came back for the love of this. To come and shut this man up. A little rat, a little weasel, a little hard man in groups. I’ve met many of them through my years. A man who grows in numbers. But on his own and when confronted in a similar situation, cowers away.

And that’s what you saw with that little shite on the bus over there. He s*** his jocks after doing something to his own countrymen that nothing got to do with any of this. And that’s it. I came back for the love of fighting and the love of war and I am going to truly, truly love putting a bad, bad beating on this little glass-jaw rat!”

Friendship Gone Wrong

The media asked him about how his rivalry with Khabib began after the two were cordial in years past. To that, McGregor said Khabib was simply a fanboy who “bought his t-shirts.” The Dagestani then got cocky when an investor began pouring money into his gym according to the Irish former champ:

“Fanboy! The man was a fanboy. He bought t-shirts of mine. He f***** supported the cause. You remember that? You little fanboy, you little fanboy b****. He bought t-shirts to support the cause, nothing but respect. And then, and then, over in his neck of the woods, a man involved ins something, who is now in prison, Vladimir Putin locked him up for embezzling $150 million worth of money from the Russian people, started to invest and pump money into his gym. 

“So he started to grow in power, started to grow in power, started to gain this false power, started thinking he was a little hard man, tough guy. Then the s*** hit the fan with ya, man. He gets locked up and now there’s not a bean left. And now I’m here to put the nail in the coffin. That’s how it began. He was a fanboy. Thought he was a little hard man with some money like many people do. Money and numbers.”

McGregor held fast to his claim that Khabib wasn’t so tough on his own. He acknowledged that his team still supported him, but claimed the wildly popular current champion had actually been abandoned by his own people:

“Now the money’s gone, the numbers are still there, but trust me, his own countrymen, his own people, they wanna see him gone do. And I am gonna do it in the name of the Russian people.”

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