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Yesterday, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. continued his trash talk battle with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor by stating he was willing to go down to eight-ounce gloves for their anticipated boxing fight on August 26 from Les Vegas, Nevada.

“Money” made a post on Instagram that claimed to be ‘helping’ McGregor to gain any advantage he could for the fight with an undefeated all-time great boxing champ, as compared to his professional boxing record which contains no fights:

“Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I’m willing to accommodate. Let’s give the boxing and MMA fans what they want to see,”

A barb disguised as a concession, McGregor quickly saw through his legendary counterpart’s ruse and posted his own response on Instagram that focused on the fact he fights with four-ounce gloves in the octagon so doesn’t care what they use in the fight:

‘The Notorious’ poked fun at Mayweather’s size as he often has, also adding a jab at this oft-broken hands before proclaiming he would be coming out ‘sprinting with bricks’:

“Another handy 12 rounds today. We are prepared to destroy Floyd.
Pick whatever size gloves you want as well little man. I fight with 4oz. I don’t give a fuck about the size of the glove. I am coming sprinting at you with bricks. Know that. Brittle hands.”

The UFC champ is preparing for the 12-round bout by going that full distance in training, but questions remain about the Irish megastar’s ability to truly hold up that long after he appeared to tire as his two bouts with Nate Diaz drug on. As for the glove size, the contracts have already been signed and it seems like it would be almost impossible to make any changes to the original fight agreement thus far.

The stage is set, the stipulations have been agreed upon regardless of this offer, and the combat sports has 24 days left to wait until the biggest spectacle the fight game has ever seen.