Video – Conor McGregor mocks Tyson Fury win over Francis Ngannou: ‘Good ol’ boxing, huh?’

Conor McGregor

The one and only Conor McGregor was live in the crowd at the new Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou fight. Right before the judges’ scorecards were read, he began recording and showed a glimpse of the crowd’s reaction to the surprising decision.

Online, fans were outraged about the decision. Tyson Fury was awarded the victory via a split decision and the scorecards seemed to leave the majority of people seething. The Fury vs Ngannou fight was extremely competitive, way more so than anybody could have really expected.

Ngannou dropped Fury in the third round with a crisp left hook. Many said he looked like he belonged in there with ‘The Gypsy King’ and a far fetch from the man who was a 14-1 underdog leading into the matchup.

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Conor McGregor shows the crowd’s reaction to the judges’ scorecards

The video begins with McGregor spouting some illegible praise for the fight. Seconds later, you can begin to hear him a lot more clearly. “10 rounds? Why not 12?” Conor McGregor began. “That was a hell of a boxing match. Hats off to Francis Ngannou.”

“Francis Ngannou put on a hell of a performance for us,” McGregor continued. Composed, structural, gets the knockdown.”

As the scorecards begin to get read, McGregor and the crowd seem to start getting uneasy. “Oh my god, where is this going?” He cried as the first scorecard was read. As the other cards were read off, the crowd erupts into what seemed to be a huge combination of cheers and boos.

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Conor McGregor and everybody around him ringside seemed very disappointed. On video you can see people shaking their hands, and ‘The Notorious’ doesn’t seem to like the decision very much.

“Wowwww, good ol’ boxing huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know the sus (story). Fair play.” The camera pans around and highlights the disappointment of the crowd. Many seem to have truly thought Ngannou was about to win that fight, although some cheers were definitely audible as the scores were read as well.

Who do you think should have won the Fury and Ngannou fight, or do you think the judges made the right decision?