Joe Rogan questions Conor McGregor amid speculation of PED use: ‘His piss would melt the USADA cup’

Conor McGregor

UFC color commentator has speculated that given the recent physique change of former two-weight champion, Conor McGregor, that should he submit a urine test sample to anti-doping agency, USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency), he would likely melt the administer’s testing cup. 

McGregor, a former undisputed lightweight and featherweight champion under the UFC banner, has been sidelined since July of last year, headlining UFC 264.

Matching with former interim lightweight titleholder, Dustin Poirier in a trilogy rubber match, McGregor suffered a first round doctor’s stoppage TKO loss to the Louisana native, fracturing his left tibia and fibula in the opening frame.

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In the time since, however, the Crumlin native has yet to be subject to testing by USADA, with his most recent test sample administered back in the third quarter of last year.

Recently, former UFC light heavyweight title chaser, Anthony Smith has questioned if McGregor has been utilizing performance-enhancing drugs during his time away from the Octagon, in order to recovery from his leg injury – given his mass increase during his period on the sidelines.

Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s speculated use of PEDs

Interviewing YouTuber, More Plates More Dates on his podcast recently, UFC commentator, Rogan claimed if McGregor submitted a urine test sample to USADA, he would likely melt through their cup.

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“He’s taking his shirt off and posing constantly and he looks like his piss would melt that USADA cup,” Joe Rogan said of Conor McGregor on The Joe Rogan Experience. “Like it would just burn a hole right through the bottom of that USADA cup.”

According to the aforenoted, More Plates More Dates host, Derek, he doubts McGregor passes the “eye test” in many people’s judgements.

“I did a whole deep dive video on what I think he (Conor McGregor) could be doing,” Derek said. “And I think for any individual that doesn’t pass the eye test, he’d definitely be one of those individuals. But I wouldn’t boil it down to that, he could be a hyper-outlier individual for sure. And I would never want to make a definitive statement. I think it’s highly probable that he’s done certain things for sure.” (Transcribed by MMA Mania)

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