Conor McGregor On Chael Sonnen’s Weight Reports: He Must’ve Misheard Me

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Former UFC title challenger turned analyst Chael Sonnen shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) community earlier this week when he said that the “Notorious” Conor McGregor had to cut a whopping 27-pounds leading up to his highly-anticipated interim featherweight title showdown with Chad Mendes at this weekend’s (July 11, 2015) UFC 189 from Las Vegas.

However, speaking with MMAFighting at open workouts earlier this week, McGregor assured fans and the media that Sonnen must’ve misheard him, and that this is not the case:

“We did have a discussion, but I think he must have misheard me, what I said,” McGregor said. “But I didn’t say I was that high. That’s too high this close out. I’d say I walk around at that weight. He must have misheard me. I don’t think anything of it.”

Despite being a larger 145-pounder who indeed cuts quite a bit of weight, the Irish bad boy said that he’s a professional who takes his fighting seriously, noting that his weight is smooth and on point:

“I’m a professional in this business,” McGregor said. “I don’t mess around here. I take this game pretty seriously. I’m on point. My weight is smooth ass. Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Weight cutting has become a hot topic in MMA over the past few years, as some fighters have made a habit of cutting sometimes unhealthy amounts of weight, and putting themselves in danger in the process.

To stop dangerous weight cutting, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has put a ban on IV rehydration, which many fighters use after weighing in, which goes into effect in October. Many fighters have already voiced their displeasure to this, and it may even force some combatants to switch weight classes.

McGregor has previously mentioned that he sees himself fighting at 155-pounds in the future, but he also said that the IV ban won’t affect his current state at featherweight, once again stating that he is a professional when it comes to weight cutting:

“I have rehydrated without the IV many times, so it will just be a little different in the preparation, in the lead up,” McGregor said. “It won’t affect me. Like I said, a professional inside and outside.”

With his weight supposedly on point, can the “Notorious” one back up his boatloads of trash talk come fight night and secure UFC gold?

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