Current UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is coming off a loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 and looking to return in a few months. McGregor, who had several options for him going into this fight, plans to go back down to 145lb and make his first title defense.

“It’s hard not to give (Jose) Aldo another go,” McGregor said. “He was 10 years undefeated. But again, he pulls out a lot; he doesn’t show up. Frankie (Edgar) at least gets in there and competes. I don’t know.

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“I’ll keep my ear to the ground and see who the fans want to see the most. But then I’ll sit and wait patiently for the lightweight belt to be contested.”

McGregor believes that Diaz will fight Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC lightweight title next.

“I believe Nate will maybe fight dos Anjos now,” he said. “I think after I defend myself and climb back up, I think I will get my shot at that lightweight belt once again. Maybe Nate and I could do it again.”

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McGregor was asked by the media at the post-fight presser when he would like to fight next. McGregor said that he would like to return at the UFC 200 PPV event in Las Vegas in July.

“I still feel UFC 200 is there for me, but I’ll go back and sit,” he said. “I’m not cut. I’m simply heartbroken, and that’s it. I’ll pick myself up, and we’ll figure it out in the morning.”

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“It lived up to everything it was supposed to be,” White said. “It was awesome. When you deal with people who’ve seen it all, done it all, been everywhere, the big sporting events, and everybody’s standing around going, ‘Holy (expletive), what just happened?’ That’s fun. Tonight was a great night.”


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