For the first time, Conor McGregor has publicly responded to the sexual allegations surrounding him. At least, as much as he legally could.

McGregor has been the subject of a sexual assault investigation in his native Ireland. It is his second such case in the space of a year after a previous sexual assault allegation. McGregor’s team has constantly denied the allegations, however, the Irishman had yet to say anything about the matter, likely due to legal reasons.

However, he did respond to the allegations when asked about it in a recent interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

“No, I can’t say anything about this,” McGregor responded in a sit-down interview with Helwani. “Just has to take pace, right?”

When asked if the allegations and response afterward bothered him, McGregor went further:

“Would it bother you? There you go,” McGregor said. “Time, Ariel, time. Patience is a skill we must master. Patience is one of the most valuable skills a human being must master and I’m working hard to master it and I feel I’m getting there.

“Time. Time will show all. Right now, I’m focused on the bout. Focused on positivity, good thoughts. And I will say a prayer for those who try and curse me and bring harm to me with these type of things and that’s it.”

What McGregor can say for sure is that he 100 percent denies the allegations.

“Yes, of course,” he added. “F*cking hell, Ariel. Come on. Are you serious? Time. Time. Time will reveal all. Time will tell all.”

Another recent case involving the former two-weight champion saw an Irish woman claim McGregor was the father of her daughter. However, DNA testing showed that the 31-year-old was not the father.

“Two and half years that situation was going on for,” McGregor said. “So that was a tough one for a while. It is what it is. There you go. It’s not mine.”

What do you think of McGregor’s response?

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