Conor McGregor Celebrates With Victorious Teammate Days Before Their Next Court Date

Conor McGregor and fellow SBG teammate Cian Cowley we’re in good spirits following Cowley’s victory at Brave 13 on Saturday night, despite the fact that both men are just five days away from their second court appearance for their part in the bus attackvin Bellklyn day’s before UFC 223.

McGregor and Cowley were arrested in New York City and arraigned shortly after; a Brooklyn judge demanded the two Irishman return to court in The Big Apple on June 14th. See the two celebrating without a care in the world for yourself!

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McGregor and bus goon squad flew to New York to confront Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was headlining UFC 223. Nurmagomedov had gotten into a slightly physical altercation with close friend Artem Lobov just days before, with Khabib menacingly grabbing the back of Lobov’s head.

Both McGregor and Cowley face charges of assault for their part in the melee.

Several fighters inside the bus were injured from the attack and forced off of the card because of it. An extremely irate Dana White told the press that the police were looking for McGregor, and they ultimately arrested him hours later.

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It definitely doesn’t seem like these two are very concerned about their impending court date from the looks of their recent celebration.

How do you see this all shaking out in court?