Conor McGregor Believes Jorge Masvidal Was Slowing Down Against Nate Diaz Before Stoppage

McGregor Masvidal Diaz
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Conor McGregor believes the stoppage for Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz at UFC 244 was an unfortunate one.

Masvidal and Diaz battled for the BMF title back in November in a contest that the former largely dominated. However, the fight was cut short before the start of the fourth round because of a cut near Diaz’s eye.

That didn’t go down well with many with some claiming Diaz was robbed. Diaz, himself, has claimed that Masvidal was slowing down at the end of the third round.

That’s something McGregor believes as well as he was talking about the possibility of facing the winner in a recent sit-down interview with Ariel Helwani:

“Yeah, you don’t know in what way Nate is now,” McGregor said. “Whether he wants to do it again [with Masvidal]. I think he got robbed of it. You can see Jorge dipping. He was dipping at the end of that third round. And that’s when Nate was kicking in.

“It would have been great to see four and five. We didn’t see it. Look, whatever. We’ll see what happens.”

It is entirely possible that McGregor is trying to bait Masvidal, who he could end up facing next should he get past Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 this weekend.

Regardless, what do you make of McGregor’s comments?

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