After Conor Mcgregor and Tyson Fury got into a spat recently on social media, it seems a day later and they’re still going at it.

It originated over Fury applauding Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s career but has since dissolved into out-right insults.

Mcgregor has since deleted his initial reply to Fury’s post but it read:

“Yup the Joyces. Big Joe ! U bottled it with Billy joe Da, what were you doing there ? ULeft him, Versace tw*t U.Done.Nothing. Ya’s did it right ye right hahahahaaj. Even when I’m wrong i’m right. Who did it right ? The Mac daddy tonight, in house. Miami d12! Bahamas [B.S.].”

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Referencing the occasion where Fury stood by aimlessly as Billy Joe Saunders’ dad jumped a barrier to come to his aid and was roughly accosted by security.

The Conor Mcgregor and Tyson Fury Twitter War Escalates

Fury would later reply:

“come back when u win a fight mush, & the difference in me & you is i don’t get myself in trouble & people actually like me, your just a bully who hit old man, & yes Big up the hulk Joe, #morecambebay. in the house.” And in a different tweet: “@TheNotoriousMMA has done more tapping then MJ,s old dance shoes.”

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Prompting Conor Mcgregor to come back with a volley of tweets:

(Now deleted) “Ah only 3 times, billy da. Now it’s toe tapping on the teak of my yachts. Big crystal glass full of Proper 12 in the paw. The lambo one has carbon fibre teak. Do you know what yacht teak is you big tick ? It’s cozy on the toes bare foot. Something you never done. You done nothin.”

IMG 0959

Obviously, there’s some tension between these two, but do you think the premise of all this is ridiculous? It must surely speak volumes about Conor Mcgregor’s obvious disdain for Nurmagomedov that this all started due to a fan post Fury made for the Dagestani legend. Leave your opinion on all this in the comments below!

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