Conor McGregor Admits He’s Lost His Mind

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With only days left until UFC 194 in Las Vegas, interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor admits he’s lost his mind…

UFC interim featherweight boss Conor McGregor is on the doorstep of the UFC 194 unification bout with Jose Aldo, this Saturday December 12. ‘The Notorious’ and the long time featherweight champion ‘Scarface’ will do battle in Las Vegas headlining not only the huge pay-per-view card, but also a stacked three day run of UFC events.

The backstory to their ongoing feud reaches back a year now, as their first and highly promoted date at UFC 189 never came to fruition. Through the hard times of Aldo’s injury and McGregor’s high point against Chad Mendes, one thing remains constant; McGregor is ablaze in the media spotlight, while a silent and sombre Aldo plans to do his talking in the octagon.
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An interesting interview with WSJ hears McGregor talk abut his mindset heading in to the biggest fight of his life, and he compares himself to the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh:

“I’m so lost in it that I can’t imagine anything else,” he says softly. “Like Vincent Van Gogh. He lost his mind in his game. I have lost my mind also. But I am happy with that. I feel to reach the high pinnacle in anything you do, you must almost become insane to what you are doing.”

Conor McGregor’s approach to the fight game is truly unique, both his training and fighting methods are different from anything seen before. But does this mean he will be the one to dethrone Jose Aldo?

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“One round,” McGregor bluntly predicts. “Four minutes. I’ll KO him.”

We’ve seen that McGregor in fact enters the bout with the consensus number one fighter on the planet as a favorite. This is unprecedented in a UFC title fight, especially given the longevity of Aldo’s 10 year unbeaten reign.

Perhaps the odds makers know something we don’t, or maybe it’s just clear to everyone that the Brazilian’s time is up. Either way, McGregor’s limerick echoes on in the forefront, while the unspoken champ grits his teeth.

Check out ‘The Notorious’ in his visit to Venice Beach, and stay tuned.