Colby Covington Tells His Version Of Cageside UFC 241 Incident


Last week’s UFC 241 pay-per-view (PPV) event was one of the Las Vegas-based promotion’s biggest of the year.

Several high-profile fights took place, and several high-profile fighters were in attendance at cageside. One of those fighters was none other than interim 170-pound champion Colby Covington. UFC President Dana White recently noted that he had to settle down several fighters seated near “Chaos,” who wanted to try and fight the controversial star.

Speaking to MMA Fighting in a recent interview, Covington discussed the matter. First, he touched on how many boos he received from the jam-packed California crowd.

“It was amazing,” Covington said. “I loved it, man. All these fighters, they can’t even get a pop, they can’t even get people to cheer for them, they can’t even get 500 people to cheer. I had every single person direct their focus from the pay-per-view (PPV) of the UFC on me walking out and sitting front row.

“They didn’t care about the fights, they cared about the greatest fighter in the world, Colby “Chaos” Covington was in the building. So, I’m a proud man, man. I got all these people up in their feelings all emotional. But last time I checked, this UFC doesn’t stand for Ultimate Feelings Championship, it stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship.”

In regards to White saying there was quite a bit of a ruckus cageside because of Covington, “Chaos” noted that his fellow fighters should have acted professional and not like “little kindergarten kids.”

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“Yeah, it’s embarrassing, man,” Covington said.” We’re supposed to be professionals, and all these guys want to act like street thugs. They want to fight in the crowd but they don’t want to fight in the Octagon and make millions of dollars. So, it’s pathetic man. Like Dana White said, they’re like little kindergarten kids, man.

“Own up, be a professional, don’t get so salty, don’t get in your feelings. Just because you’re jealous that I’m making more money than you, just because you’re jealous I’m winning every fight and you can’t stop me, don’t be jealous of that. There’s not very much to clarify, you know. My boy Jorge Masvidal, he had my back, he was watching my six. He was like three or four rows back.

“I was front row, you know, because they put the champ front row, obviously. I was trying to get my boy Jorge to the front row but he’s got to earn his way up there.”

What do you make of Covington’s take on what happened cageside at UFC 241?

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