Colby Covington Fires Back At ‘36-Year-Old Virgin’ Ben Askren

Colby Covington
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The welterweight division has been a pleasure to watch this year. With intriguing matchups and contenders galore, 2019 should continue the trend.

Colby Covington has been front and center in the welterweight title picture this year. He captured the interim title at UFC 225 when he defeated Rafael dos Anjos. However, he was stripped of the title before he could defend it.

Another contender that emerged seemingly from nowhere this year is Ben Askren. 

Askren was retired when he was traded from ONE Championship to the UFC for Demetrious Johnson earlier this year. Since officially joining the world leader in MMA, Askren has taken his unique brand of trash talking to the next level., effectively picking fights with every fighter not named Tyron Woodley.

Still, Covington isn’t taking “Funky” Ben seriously. On a recent episode of the
Ariel Helwani MMA Show Covington explained how he thinks a fight with Askren is not very likely.

Colby’s Reasoning 

“Ben Askren, the only thing we have in common…I have a real belt, he has some belts from back in the day that don’t even matter anymore. But let’s be honest, no commission would approve this fight. He is not even ranked in the top 100,” Covington said.

“It would be a slaughter and it wouldn’t be competitive. If that 36-year old virgin builds himself up and becomes a draw, then no problem. I will send him back to the back of the line just like everybody else,’ he concluded.

Askren is set to fight Robbie Lawler at UFC 235. Covington is in limbo as Kamru Usman recently showed off a signed contract to fight the champion. However, Woodley seems disinterested in the Usman fight.

As for Covington vs. Askren, well thats a grudge match that is at the top of my “yes please” wish list for 2019.

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