Former Interim Welterweight champion Colby Covington has shared his opinion on why the UFC booked former champion Tyron Woodley to face rising contender Gilbert Burns on May 30th.

During an interview with Mike Heck at Covington stated he believes the UFC did not want to give Woodley the fight against him instead he believes they are looking for Tyron to prove himself in a matchup against Burns.

“You know to be honest Mike the real reason they didn’t get this fight is because the UFC didn’t want to give him the fight. You know the thing is his last fight he looked so washed up Mike, The UFC wants to see if he has anything left in the tank you know, so they want to see if he can prove himself to earn the losing ass whooping paycheck to me. So you know this is a test by the UFC they’re making him fight some kid named Dilbert, you know nobody even knows who Dilbert is. So you know, we’ll see if he passes that test and he can earn this ass whooping paycheck losing paycheck to me but you know, who knows man.”

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Covington continued on stating that Woodley never wanted to fight him.

“It just sucks you know but he never wanted to fight me man, i’m the first guy to ever scare the champion into elective surgery. Elective surgery Mike. The guy was ready to fight Nate Diaz some lightweight scrub wash up you know. We know he’s the Stockton soy boy, he was ready to fight him but he wouldn’t fight Colby Chaos Covington when i had the real Welterweight championship, the peoples championship. Americas championship, More importantly Donald Trumps favorite fighter.

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The UFC recently released the full card for their May 30th event to be headlined by Woodley and Burns.

What do you think about Covington’s words?